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Cat Conversion Harnesses
$775.00 to $875.00 for most trucks 10 feet long

These harnesses are used to replace mechanical engines with electronic engines. Each wire is colored coded with eleven colors to match the Caterpillar wiring schematic. Each wire is printed every six inches identifying what circuit it is such as Check Engine Lamp, Stop Engine Lamp, Sensor Common. These harnesses are made from the Caterpillar recommended wire gauge and wire type. Each harness is made to order with the circuits that you specify. Unsure about how you would like your harness configured we are happy to advise and guide you through the decision. We are not just a manufacturer of wiring harnesses we are the experts when it comes to Cat conversions.

Each harness comes with the following:

Rubber grommet to route the wiring harness from
the engine compartment into cab.
Check Engine Lamp. Stop Engine Lamp.
Data link connector with cap.
Weather tight bus used for all sensor common wiring.
Fused junction for ignition supply.
Sealed fuse holders and fuses for
unswitched battery inputs.
Throttle connector and vehicle speed connectors.
High temperature split loom.
Installation guide and wiring schematic.
Technical support needed to get the job done right.

Cat Bypass Harnesses

A Cat bypass harness is used to communicate with the ECM on or off the engine. Use this harness to run the engine in or out of the truck. The harness is used to bypass the vehicle wiring to the engine ECM.

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  Cat Bypass Harness
70 Pin ECM with J1939


Cat Bypass Harness
70 Pin ECM



Cat Bypass Harness
40 Pin ECM



Cat Adapters

Wiring harness adapters are used when one electronic Cat engine is being replaced with another electronic Cat engine.

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Heavy Duty
40 pin to 70 pin

Heavy Duty
70 pin to 40 pin
Medium Duty
40 pin to 70 pin

3176 2YG to 9CK 2PN 1YN 8YS 9NS $750.00
3176 2YG to 2KS 3CS $750.00
3176 7LG to 9CK $750.00
3176 7LG to 2KS $750.00
3406 8TC to 5EK 6TS 1LW 5DS $750.00
3406 8TC to 2WS 1MM 6NZ 7CZ $750.00
3406 4CK to 5EK 6TS 1LW 5DS $750.00
3126 1WM to 7AS 8YL 9SZ CKM $400.00
3406 2WS 1MM 6NZ 7CZ to 5EK 6TS 1LW $550.00
3406 5EK 6TS 1LW to 2WS 1MM 6NZ 7CZ $300.00
C-12 9NS to 2KS $300.00
C-12 2KS to 9NS $550.00


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